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Some of the things mentioned above about bouldering, might apply to other types of climbing.

I had the great place that I went to, when I learnt about aid soloing. I had some top rope solofree climbing there to.

And just me going there a few times a week did little to distrube local wildlife. I even met with a flying squriall. Then a year later, my club was on at me about it.
I took this one korean guy so he could have a look. And all he wanted to do was be the first person up the rock. I explained to him that I had already tried most of the lines there. But that day we went I saw something very special, an eagle owl. That thing was huge. The korean guy didn't give a dam about this most majestic bird.

I went back to the club and they went on at me about bolting this new place. And I went on at them about the fact this eagle owl lived there right on the rock.

After that I keep very quite about new places that I visit. for example the local UNESCO sight where I live has some of the best bouldering in korea. But I don't take anyone there because hopefully it won't be distroyed more than it already is (I don't be the bouldering places).

I go there running, and have the endless task of clearing up other peoples rubbish, spring is the worst. And there a millions of the stupid plastic banners people hang in the trees. This is meant to be a UNESCO sight and no one gives a flying monkeys. So I keep my head down, go bouldering and try to help the mountain recover from sundays.

Take care.
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