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Wow! Excellent campaign Hypoxic; one that's much needed. The mind set of leaving trash behind in beautiful ecological sanctuaries has always left me scratching my head. I'm sure there will be much enthusiasm for your goals from the folks on this board since just about everyone I've climbed with have made a solid attempt to leave the crag cleaner than we found it.
I'm sure others are wondering there a different membership buy-in for the economically disadvantaged (student/teacher/etc.)? Working with other non-profits I've found that having different rates increases the members -> publicity -> funds as opposed to one membership level and accepting any donations.
You can definitely count me in for the joint 'meet and greet' and any upcoming cleanup projects (which should be posted in the events forum). Are your clean-up's all in the Seoul region or do you have events all over the country? Let me know if I can help organize anything in the central west coast region.
I'm curious if KML has looked at the impact of invasive species on biological integrity. Non native invasives can wreak havok on an ecosystem killing entire watersheds) To be honest I'm not sure if it's even a problem here. I've seen some area's where vines have taken over small areas and it makes my skin crawl (hopefully all for naught). It's hard for me to look at Japanese Knotweed without disdain remembering that it's native here. I've spent countless hours clearing invasives Oregon in and would not mind ripping out the Korean invasives at the crag or on the trail (although I can't find a Korean plant ID book in english).
Anyway...excellent site; excellent campaign! cheers!

and welcome to KOTR!
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