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ISO Partners for O2 ice gym 2nite through Oct 1


I am here only though the next week, and I would dearly love to go to O2 ice climbing gym, first for the novelty, and second, because it's very hard to get to ice where I come from, CA. Would anyone be willing to go with me? I'm a 40-ish, experienced male climber from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Funny (Aughghghgh!!!) Story: I was here in April, and posted looking for partners for O2 ice climbing gym, and none appeared. So, with no korean language, navigation, or cultural skills, I set out there myself. After three hours, I gave up, couldn't find it.

The next night I armed myself to the teeth with maps, directions, and bus schedules in both English and Hangul, and then, finally, finally, I found it.
... I couldn't figure out how to get in! At one point, I was in some kind of fire escape, I could see the *(&)*&#@#(*&#$)@(*# ice, but I couldn't get to it. Finally, I go to a sport shop nearby, and with an amusing pantomine, explained what I wanted.
... They told me it was CLOSED - AUGHGHGHGHGHGHGGHGH! The next day I left.

So, not only would i like some company, but someone who could call to check it's open and help navigate would be welcome.



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