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Eric dude...I tried but couldn't post a "response" as I am not a member of word press or whatever...but I did listen and think it was brilliant! To quote an anonymous admirer:
"Such enigmatic and urbane repartee given golden voice by the two steadfast anchors was nothing short of breath-taking. I found myself quite positively transported by the shimmering elequonce that, like a light alpine zephyr danced sans souci with unbound naturalness and inspiration on the cadence of words and phrases that themselves bespoke the greatest nobility of spirit! How like a religious epiphany it was! Oh the beauty of it all!"

I just wondered, would KOTR breathren necessarily need be with us in a physical sense? Coul we not podcast with them, in much the same manner as our ESL HQ podcast? If so...what equipage would they need? Computer, internet, skype (?), mic...excessive amounts of beer? frontal lobotomy?

Thanks for all the work and care...KOTR is nowadsays just like a family, only different. You champ.
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