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Gangwondo is the heart of Korean trad climbing centered around seoraksan National park near Sokcho. If you can land anything on that side of the country you'd be in heaven for climbing. Being a vegetarian here is going to be tough. Be prepared to turn down lots of dinners with korean climbers and crag meals that people are inviting you to share which almost always revolve around korean bbq in which meat is unavoidable. Dirtbagging and camping here is nothing like the U.S. Be prepared to apply for permits just to climb, not to mention camping. Seoraksan requires you apply for a permit to climb listing your route plans for each day, where you are staying, what food you are going to eat and what gear you are bringing. So much red tape, its a bitch. Northern Seoul would be a more realistic place to look for a gig. Anything near Suyu or Mia station area on the metro system will put you really close to bukhansan National park. No permit required to climb and there's some pretty damn good trad climbing. I'm going to sumeun byeok again this sunday. I see a lot of climbers hiking into bukhansan when I'm hiking out so I assume they must be camping at the base of the climb for climbing the following day. I think bukhansan is a little more flexible with camping restrictions than seorkaksan, but you still probably need a permit to camp (technically). That should be enough to get you started, let me know if you have other questions.
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