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Yeah I know how everyone feels (my design choice didn't make the cut either), so maybe I can help out here by clarifying a few points (hopefully without offending anyone, or stepping on any toes), as Eric (founder of KOTR) and I did the 1st 2 lots of Tee designs, production and distribution. Not saying I know it all, but "I have been there (twice) and I've done that."

I really agree with Ty - It is KOREA on the rocks, and I'd like some Korean on the shirt myself. Funnily enough I've heard other KOTRers say something along the lines of "well I'm not into that ultra-nationalistic crap, so you can leave off any Korean flags or writing - we aren't Korean, we are international." Might sound weird, but all points are valid.

To make a run of shirts (of any one design) we need to order a minimum of 20. Less than half that number of folks have actually bothered to comment or vote - this makes it really hard and unfair on Matt (et. al.) to make a call on design or colour etc. It's not Matt's fault if the design isn't representative of what KOTRers really want, it's all our fault for not participating and voting/ submitting. Endless stalemates lead to no production...especially when it's amongst the passionate few (just like you who are actually reading this diatribe) who bothered to contribute (and no offense to you all, but we kinda need deadlines and the Tee thread was set up by Brandon back in May!)

Furthermore, and largely unthought of most, to get the printers to make the Tees (of any design) money for the entire run needs be paid upfront - WHO BY? YOU? MATT? It's a sad fact but both times in the past when people asked for shirts and swore black and blue that they'd buy the design shown, enough bailed at buy-time that Eric and I got stuck with a bunch of shirts no-one wanted but that WE had already had to pay for. No fun I assure you. Hence we put up polls (well Matt did) asking people to commit to buy (and pay upfront) and so very few people actually did.
This is the flip side of the best thing about KOTR - OUR OPEN SOCIETY: we have no fees, no president, no Lords or Queens (although Kev in drag is pretty close) and no one to dictate anything to us. And I think most if not all of us love it this way - I do! It just means that when decisions need be made or an idea followed through on that concerns more than just a few close buddies...well it gets really sloppy and looses steam. Not good, but not bad - just the way it is.

So even if you don't like a proposal, try and remember how hard it is for others to even try and make such things happen in KOTR. Be critical, by all means, but throw out some solutions and offers of help etc while you are at it. As it is, it looks increasingly as though there will be no Tees being made - unless we scribble our own designs with marker pens on a Tee we have hidden in the bottom of our closet. Again this isn't an attack on anyone, but a defense of Matt and those few who voted.
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