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Not sure. . .

and I just had lunch with Darren and forgot to mention about setting up the non-profit! Anyway, of course donations for a certain "initiative" could be tracked by the treasurer or whomever. . . if someone wanted to earmark funds, they could always send an e-mail and we could post a transparent list of donations. (I was treasurer of the English Graduate Organization at Duquesne!!).

I also had a registered non-profit (importing) in the USA. . . and I never never never never never want to go through anything like setting that up again. Forget having good intentions or whatever, I was advised not to bother with the legalities by our people abroad! Registering in Korea could not be worse, possibly easier. Hopefully easier. This would be another reason to get more Koreans on board. Might be interesting to ask Joe Park any legal questions as he's finishing law school, but is very Korean and very American.
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