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Originally Posted by skinsk
Off season and mid-week, even national parks are empty. . . provincial parks and islands (as mentioned) are good ideas. . . though even in "remote" areas you're likely to find a gazebo and/or signs of previous people. Gwanmaedo is a haul, but a lovely island with total potential to get lost! Besides me on the ferry there were two Korean bikers with full get up. . . we all disappeared for a couple of days. A car definitely helps, but if you're up for adventuring with local busses, go far it. Finally, don't be too discouraged by so many people. . . so someone in the sticks and the people are part of the adventure!

The "Youngam Alps" area N of Busan and W of Ulsan has a lot of trails through the mountains that are linked. . . you could spend days getting lost, and if you're backpacking with public transport, you don't have to worry about a loop.

Can you give me some more info on Gwanmaedo? How did you get there? How often did the ferry run? Cost? When did you go there?

I'd like more info on these Youngam Alps also. Do you have coordinates pinpointing the area you speak of?
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