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I'm sorry you guys had to experience such horrible accidents. I trust you'll continue to do well in the aftermath.

I had the deep displeasure of seeing a man fall from the small semi-climbing route on Bibong in Bukhansan National Park. It was my first trip there, about ten years ago, and as I came over the crest on the Bibong ridge I noticed the man starting to stumble backward. He was wearing a large pack, I figure about 50 litres, too big for a day hike and too heavy to try to bring up that small route. I believe he was top heavy, lost his grip, and just fell backward and tumbled over, hitting his head a few times before he finally came to a stop. There were shouts and screams and within a couple minutes the search-and-rescue crew was on the scene. I was with my girlfriend at the time and she asked some of the witnesses who were closer what had happened. Apparently, the man had died.

That route now is closed in winter and a park ranger stands below it in the other seasons, warning people, checking their footwear and the sort. (There are no bolts in the rock; it's basically just a slick boulder that actually isn't too challenging but I really think the man's heavy bag was the main contributor to his accident).

Be safe everyone.

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