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Originally Posted by bhylenski
1. Yeongseo Pokpo -- Things being discussed and researched now...trashbin in the parking lot of the minbak, toilet to replace the existing one, rebolting (Alec, has started a seperate thread for this...
I don't think KOTR should be doing any rebolting. It's cool to work with the local Korean groups who are doing the rebolting or help fund them with money or materials but KOTR should not be doing this.

Why? Because there is no accountability. How can the local climbers know who did the bolting, when they did the bolting and (without removing the bolts) know the quality of the bolt placement.

This makes me think of the tragic accident which occurred in Australia after some foreigner climbers came, rebolted a climb and then left. They did not inform anyone of what they did and a climber died because of it...

In the states there are groups responsible for bolting a crag or area. When you have a single responsible group, you know the history of the bolting. If foreigners start bolting or rebolting, and then leave shortly after, there is no way for the local community to know the history of the bolts at a crag.
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