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Well, the fund seems a different animal, not something KOTRers need to spend time on. . . except how to set it up. I can ask my KEB banker or give you her # if you want, too. It might be possible to open in the name of the business.

As for the other projects, all have merits and I'm keen to work on whichever is chosen. I don't have a "pet" project. It's also possible to have a few in the works, for people who live in different areas (Yongseo's an hour or so by public transport for me. . .but for some on the West coast it's a haul). Bryan, I'm working on those Gurye contacts for you. That "toilet" well. . . and some of those anchors. . . just kinda take away the feeling of elation you expect when you reach the anchors! And the trash--any is too much. If KOTR put a trash can at the crag with some local garbage bags, between us and Akdong we should be able to change them out regularly. We could sign it. . . "if it's full, please take it down" or something.
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