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Tees Me! Tees Me!

With the huge help from Jake "The Man" Shanja, the tees will be here for the M&G... but not without another poll!

So we have 4 main choices and since there is a minimum 100 order, we should get it right.

Our 4 choices are:
  1. Long sleeve "Coolmax" bi-colour zip-neck
  2. Short sleeve "Coolmax" bi-colour zip-neck
  3. Long sleeve cotton one colour round neck
  4. Short sleeve cotton one colour round neck

They come in quite a few different colors so please post your color preferences in this thread (ex. bluish, greenie, black-like, etc...).

The "Coolmax" shirts will be 20,000 or less.
The cotton shirts will be 15,000 or less.

Jake also said that the Coolmax shirts aren't really Coolmax but something similar and "silky".

If you want one, please post ASAP as we will be getting to the tee shop in about a week with our order. The poll may also prematurely end.

If you want one and you haven't posted in the "What Size T-Shirt Do You Wear" thread, please do so as this will help up not waste money.

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