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Limes and sour cream are things I will gladly bring home. . . but I have a hard time believing there would be any extra sour cream (do freeze the night before, anyway. . . at least one. . . ) and there is never extra cheese. Anyone do a head count? It doesn't seem like a crazy lot of people. . . so maybe two thingies of each? I am not sure the qualtities they come in as off and on base are two different things! Maybe an on base person can get a bottle of Margarita Mix (not available off base that I know of) Leftover food, for some reason, has not been a big problem (except the odd extra garlic and onions or processed stuff).

I'll bring my bag of tortillas and bell peppers as filler. I also have the odd pancake syrup and several stoves, some pots and utensils. I have extra plastic dishes so if people don't have their own, no worries there.

Jf. . . you are probably right . . . maybe bring 2 onions in case (for salsa) and I always prefer fresh to canned anything (though they aren't exactly jalapenos here. . . they are green and thin and hot. . . so good) and however many tomatoes (maybe 4 to 5 bigger ones or the equivalent smaller?) for salsa.
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