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And. . . maybe limes, sour cream and mixed mexicanish cheeses (in exactly the reverse order that I have listed!). (YOU CAN NOT get too many limes, as these are things I cannot get locally, or order on line. .. and yet so important for my favorive cocktails and Thai food. . . that if you get them. . . you will get much love^^ and I will just cart them home. . . and you will be my friend <3 and they will not go to waste!!)

I got some peppers (red yellow) from my local farmers and so actually pre bought, chopped, and seasoned. If someone brings peppers and tomatoes (Probabl several would be good. . . as they are nice in the burritos and with chips!) for salsa great. I have a bag of tortillas (maybe 8?)

Can someone get tequilla?! If no one says "yes" in a day or so. . . I will get that!

If folks can bring more tortillas, cheese, margarita mix . . . tortilla chips. . . refried beans (esp vegetarian^^) these would be great!!
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