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ummm . . . food. . .

so my cilantro is one of my best crops so far this year!!!

Can we get some folks to bring basic mexican ingredients (as an iHerb regular and "farmer" from Jeonnam. . . I am happy to bring the herbs . . . and as i have a vehicle/ice chest I am happy to bring other ingredients. . . but I can also say I have spent W100,000 + pretty much every M&G because people promise things, don't show, etc. . .

Base People . . . things that are to get include LIMES (I will actually pay you for extras for me to bring home^^) Mexican cheeses (though these days, many larger cities have monterey jack, and various cheddars available. . . though at about 2 to 3 times the price of bases) It would be cool if non base people could sponsor base people to get these things. . . but it depends on good will and positive human interactions!

I have some tortillas (these days available at E Marts and HomePlusses. . . ) various "salsas" (I use the quotes as "salsas" from Home Plus or E Mart tend to be suggary processed faux salsas (at to those of us from the Americas). .. we can make real salsas and the like if people want to sponsor and/or bring fresh peppers (all colors and the thin hot ones!), tomatoes, onions (can you get purple!?! do bring!!), garlic. . . I have been mixing some magic spices. . . and I will bring fresh cilantro, chives, parsley, basil. . . for that extra *kiss* . . . can others bring avocados? sour cream?
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