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Will. . . so first, if you go to Chuncheon and get on 55 South. .. at Dongsan head on 86 (Seoul-Chuncheon Expressway) W to 100 S (86 meets 100 at Gangil) and stay on 100 SW until it meets 15. Take 15 all the way to Gochang and the Seonunsan signs. . . you could also take expressway 1 down to 25 when it (Hwy 1) crosses 100 (just before 15). . . it goes past Jeonju. . . get off at Jeongeup and take road 22 into Seonunsan (there are signs on the way). . .

I'll have my maps. . . so take my number and pull over and call on the way if there's trouble!
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