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If the bags are government regulated and you descend into a township, you're allowed to leave it in a designated area, which is often just outside of any establishment. I understand any reservations you may have with this, but note that you can put bags down almost anywhere in a housing area in Korea and will be picked up. Just make sure it's not in the way of anything, like traffic, and is neatly piled and easily available for the garbage truck.

In the national parks, the KMPL brings all the trash/recyclables it collects to the nearest park office. Along trailheads where there are no offices (and there are many), the KMPL has gotten friendly with local restaurants or watering holes. We stop by there on our way down for drinks and grub, and the people at the establishment agree to throw our collection in with theirs.

Also note that your trash and recyclables should be in different bags. Recyclables can be put into orange coloured wicker-style bags with green pullstrings, called jae-hwal yong bong-too (재활용봉투). Common seperation rules apply: glass, plastic, tin/metal, etc.
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