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Beauty, Jake, thanks for that.

Yes, please post any cleanups - no matter how small - here on the forum. I love hearing these stories and to me it seems to underline what the KMPL is trying so hard to do: get more people caring about the issue of litter (and the bigger environmental issues that entails) and actively being good mountaineers by not only packing out your own stuff but doing a little work of cleaning up dirty sites.

Again, stellar job, Jake and Josh.

Just to note, the KMPL removed 100 litres on its cleanup yesterday. Most of it was in a buried cache that we were able to date to circa 1990.

This reminds me that KOTR and the KMPL really have to get a joint cleanup off the ground. Jake and I have tossed the idea around in the past, but it never seems to materialize. Make a memo-to-self: this spring, KOTR and the KMPL will do a weekend trip that will include cleaning, trail inspections, and other conservation efforts, plus some fun downtime for climbing, hiking, resting, and other recreational good stuff.

So, how about this: KOTR/KMPL, Gyeryongsan Joint Cleanup Weekend, May 22-23.
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