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Rubbish removed from Daedunsan

Though it's a bit belated, I thought I'd let you know Josh "ice worm" (he spits acid) Fuller and I picked up and carried out about 40-45 litres of trash from the area around Dweiji-bawi/ New Millenium Ridge a few weeks ago.
The interesting thing was that the watse was 100% climbers waste. It was old webbing, anchors, bolts, cables, pitons and such (ended up being rather heavy with all the metal). Great to see these dodgy dangerous bits of pro being replaced, but then to have it just piled up and left at the base (on a through hiking trail) was a bit disappointing.
I'm sure heaps of other KOTRers are picking up stuff like this from time to time as well, so please post it up when you do so. The more detailed trash removal we can document, the stronger a case we can offer for councils, govt's and authortities to act on the problem of pollution etc. Also it makes you feel good knowing your crag is cleaner for next time you climb there.
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