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OK I'm gonna publicly name you guys. Joe Park, Mike Miller, Brandon Sherman, Kim Kyung Ah, Shawn Morrissey, Jake Preston.
These are the people who have called and e-mailed abut it already. Sorry no details are available yet. Shawn thinks 2009 Oct-Nov is a good date, I'm more inclined to try for Jun-Aug 2009 simply because that's when I have holiday time to go
Gear lists and such aren't avail yet...but think hiking, camping basic rope climbing and snow climbing as a start point.
If you are serious, you need to think also about insurance (travel) and also about vaccinations. Yes I hope there will be a few days at least at the start and end to explore K'du and so on. The hike in and exped itself (should it happen) would be a pretty amazing thing also...not just gruelling work!
YOU CAN HELP! - Research the clean-up expeditions from the past and look at possibe mountains in Nepal that are feasible (6000m and under, relatively easy). Then:

We can contact trek agencies in K'du via the net (search out reputable ones) and ask them about a cost estimate for providing a K'du to BC service (transport of our gear, permits, transport of trash out etc) and base it on say 15 people.
Please let me or Shawn know if you can help/ are interested. Thanks.
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