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Clean-up Expedition To Nepal Summer 2009

OK So Kyung Ah has given it the "double thumbs up", so here's the plan. A joint KOTR-KMPL clean-up expedition to Nepal for the summer 2009 season. This should fit well with weather and holiday availabilities for a few of us too.
Shawn will be there this Feb, so he might do some ground work to get a feel on things. I am sooooooo pumped about this plan, it will be awesome. If we pick a mountain that has technical sections we can divide the teams into those that will clean the lower/ easier/ safer areas and the dudes and dudettes that'll tackle the higher/ harder/ riskier slopes. With luck, the Nepalese might even waive our permit fees for this (low as they are). C'mon fellas and ladies, who's "in"?
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