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not using leashes

just came back from gugok with 2 axes free falling from top at terminal within 10 minutes of each other, second one rickashay off rock with free fireworks display, flew past my second 500mm away from head.

I have been using the black diamond spinner leash in Italy for 2 seasons with no problems what so ever, no impediment, no tangling, swapping tools for days.

It really is not responsible climbing when you have people underneath you, and if you have even been 30/40ft above your last screw, vertical, soaking wet freezing cold and just had an axe knocked out your hand from falling ice, you really will be happy to see it dangling below you on your leash, trust me.

If your axe lands in someones head, just have a think about how your going to feel, not to mention their family who wants your blood.

It really doesn't make any sense at all in any way not to use leashes whether other people are one the climb or not, but seems in Korea, people dont really seem to work this out and understand these risks.
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