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Originally Posted by Jessica
Oh, and another question - for a beginning lead sport climber, about how many draws should one have?

When I was climbing in AZ all the time I had 3 sets of 6. They were all solid bent-gate, with dogbones ranging from short (great for vertical sport routes) to long (good for reducing rope drag on overhanging routes). When I moved I only brought one set of 6 with medium dogbones. With this set I can lead most short climbs but I need to borrow some if I'm going to do anything fairly high. I just ordered a set of 10 to add to my rack.

A really important thing that is often overlooked is clipping technique. Before you start leading you need to be comfortable clipping a rope into a draw; it's harder than you think, especially when you're balancing on one hand. If you can, get a piece of old rope (just a foot will do fine) and practice clipping a bight into a biner with one hand.
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