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well, the trips are frequent. . . but it's up to you how frequently you'll join or start one. Camping happens more in good weather, and generally there are options (rooms, etc) for those who don't want to camp. When the weather is nice, you can even sleep under the stars. Tents, stoves, mess kits, packs, even sleeping bags can be found (off-brands and local especially) cheap in Korea, so you can buy as you need. You might consider bringing your therma-rest and repair kit, if you are partial to those. Foam pads (roll up or fold up) are more common here, and can be had fairly cheaply. If you have a favorite backpack or two, bring them (otherwise you can get some here, but not really sized for women). . . they'll be occassions for various sizes. Chacos are very pricy here; you can find cheap off-brand boots/shoes but insoles are poor and they just don't last as long. Waterproofing stuff is also very expensive here-- moreso than at home! Sometimes in Seoul I see the plastic-type power-bar, so a box of cliff bars will susatain you (a week?) or make you enough freinds to sustain you for several!

OK, I figure someone else can pick up from there
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