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간현암장 여름등반/Ganhyeon Crag Summer Climbing

July 30th at about 11pm we (Andy, Sarah, Kyung Ah and I) arrived in the G, and by weedling and bribing the authorities were allowed to temporarily drive all the way in to the far camp-ground bridge where we unloaded the Rock-Sea wagon of adventure, and set up camp across the river. We had initially thought to camp right opposite the crag, but Vacance Season meant that the old car-park camp ground there was as full as a fat ladies sock! Hundreds of vacationing families were encamped therein, and on the sidewalk (newly built wooden decking) and on every concievable expanse of flatness (river bank, concrete, sand, table shelter...). I kid you not intrepid KOTRers, you could not wiggle a sheet of paper betwixt the tents there.
So the far camp ground it was, and lovely too. We were one of but 3 tents there and with no Nazi Lifesaver to stop us from getting in the water above our belly buttons! After setting up, returning the car to it's entrance designated waiting spot and a good nights sleep we climbed like demons all Sat, despite the brutal humidity and a crazy foul-up on the mullti-pitch from another team who over-estimated how good they were and then caused a major delay, rope sticking and general bedlam. But all's well that ends well, and many firsts were had,a s were dips into the cool waters. By evening it was time to strap on the headlamps and be back on the wall (till 10pm) trying our hands at night climbing. Major thanks to Heidi of India who lead the tricky Kkakjaeng-i in the dark and kept us all going hard.
Great to meet so many old faces again too, from the bearded magesty of Mr Min and the bubbly giggles of Cheong-ju climber JeongAh to Gwon Dong-cheol and some of the BOLT ROCK lads and lasses.
BY 6pm Sunday we were all spent as spent can be and came home feeling very well climbed out. The crowds were huge, but the fun was huger.
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