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Bruce mate, I think you'll be outta luck for outdoor ice - unless there is some still up in the NE corner - but I'll check. Indoor is a good enough substitute, though it gets kinda crowded on weekends. Weekdays are usually very uncrowded at O2 Ice Gym. If I've got time off I'd be in for a session, and there are a few others who'd be up for ice too. At O2 you can rent pretty much everything, but you may as well bring your harness, belay tool and helmet at least. Late March through to June is prime rock season here in Korea too, and if you like some trad, there is a magnificent trad area called Insubong just near O2 Ice Gym (hike in is aboutt 50mins from O2 but same bus/ subway start). No need to haul a trad rack, I think you'd find a partner no worries. I'll be working Sat 21 March, but should be free the weekend after, and maybe on Fridays also.
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