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those are interesting gadgets mike, but switch tools a couple of times and don't they get a little tangly? or how about when you are doing a belly rub on the ice to get over an overhang (as some of us do! no need to name names here...^^)? just wondering, it seems like they might get in the way a bit...

another option are the short leash clips (such as on the camp awax tools) that attach halfway up the tool and are removable. they seem more versatile and easy to use when you are switching tools, placing screws, clipping/unclipping, and versatility, now those are two words you don't hear together every day...^^ you only unclip them when you need to and feel that you are secure enough to do so...

the pic below of the quarks is the only one that i could find (true, i didn't search very hard^^) to show what i'm trying to describe. i know that camp offers a very similar leash (as well as a full-length leash) as well. (I LOVE MY AWAX TOOLS!^^) c

OR you could come up with some sort of alchemistic process to fuse your tools to your hands and never drop them again! this would also be useful to scratch that hard-to-reach itch on your back! (may have possible adverse side effects, including, but not limited to, the inability to wipe with toilet paper, turn the pages of the latest bestseller, flip pancakes and be around small children.)

this is a good discussion though, and has been on my mind as i love the freedom of climbing leashless, but have also seen a lot of sketchiness and have even had tools dropped from above me (scary as gehenna!). also have been wondering what i will do in the mountains as i get more into alpine climbing. of course, i do not want to take the risk of dropping a tool, aka my other lifeline, while i'm out there, but i also don't want to be fumbling around with my leashes either (perhaps 'practice' is the best answer to this...^^)...
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