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OK, well I'll try and talk to Bolt Rock Club and Jin-hyeok about the logistics and permissions needed for some landscaping etc at well as the possible establishment of a garbage bin (hopper size) because at present the trash is all just stacked up against the side of the road and blows everywhere...maybe a simple chicken wired zone or something (if the area has recycling we could maybe establish seperate bins), but that would probably depend on the local councils waste management plans etc. I'll try and look into that asap.
Going from memory, if we had 12 healthy folks with some shoels, picks and a bit of nouce (and scrap timber etc) I think we could make amajor improvement to the Ganhyeon Belay are in a sinlge weekend. I'll need to measure up the area and map it a bit, but then it'd be a relatively straightforward bit of physical work. Having done a bit of this stuff in the past, and with the easy access of Ganhyeon to bringing in materials and people it would be a doable long weekend project (work being done largely after 4pm when the crowds are away).
Here in Daejeon we have a new small crag that is being developed, it's pretty chossy but I'll talk to the developers and see whether it'd be feasible to have a crag cleaning/ trail building kind of event there.
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