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Beal Flyer II 10.2mm - not as good as it used to be

I bought a Beal Flyer (10.5 I think) back in 2003 and it was a sweet rope which I got about 4 years of outdoor lead climbing on.

I was so happy with it that I bought a new one last summer (

Unfortunately after only 1 year of lead climbing in the gym, I've had to cut about 3 meters off of each end of this rope. About 2 meters in on each end, the rope had become so flat and the sheath so frayed that I was getting sketched out. You could bend the rope between your 2 fingers without seeing daylight in the bight.

I also spoke to another person at the gym who had the same experience with the same ropes. The ones in the past held up great. The new ones fell apart fast.

He also recommended a Sterling rope. I'll be checking out Sterling in the future as I think I'm done with Beal.
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