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Just a heads up to let everyone know that I and a few other KMPLeaugers, and perhaps a volunteer or two, are heading back to the camp - which now has a name: Camp Gardens - next weekend (July 10/11) to do some more work on the grounds, work out some more lesson plan details for when we bring the kids, drink some beers, and hang out by a bonfire. Beauty, eh? This weekend trip will also include bike riding.

Let me know if you're keen. It's a tough place to find, so for anyone interested we'll have to work out a meeting place and then head off together. Again, I'll be riding a bike from the sunway stop to the gardens, so if you have a bike and would like to do that, let me know. Otherwise, it will be best to meet at said subway stop where I can describe how to get to the camp by the (very infrequent) local buses.
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