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Lets Pick one

To Discuss:

Sonia, Charlie, Jason, Jake and Heidi (others opinions are welcome as well!), we now have a small group of which to make a decision for our Spring/Summer Initiative. It doesn't need to be large or to dramatic. But, we have a bit of support for this being built up and a load of volunteers after the M&G. Here are a few options:

1. Yeongseo Pokpo -- Things being discussed and researched now...trashbin in the parking lot of the minbak, toilet to replace the existing one, rebolting (Alec, has started a seperate thread for this), as well as a cleanup day for the crag, the hike up and the minbak, nearby. The suggested dates are Buddha's birthday weekend. But, that's not a lot of time to accomplish most of these we need to adjust the dates or segment this project into stages, or just select another one.

2. Joint Project with KMPL -- I have discussed a few sites with Shawn, but he is open to ideas. He was thinking of a joint cleanup day somewhere, which needed the help, as well as maybe some fixing of belay stances, rebolting, etc. I've researched a few crags here in Daegu, but nothing is firm...ideas/thoughts?

3. Establish KOTR Condolences/Relief Fund -- This fund would allow KOTR to offer assistance when climbers and their families are effected by tragedy, here in South Korea. This project is just awaiting some help from Korean friends, as well as a decision on how we want to handle the money. I need to discuss further with Eric, how we can setup online donations, here in Korea... Paypal is easy in the states, but here in's not possible. A bank account can easily be setup, with multiple owners...but who? And what will be the process for making decisions on when we make withdraws, deposits, etc.

Each of these ideas, need some work and a bunch of research. I could really use some help with the individual tasks, but we should first focus on selecting one, so we're all on the same page. Then we can ask other KOTRers for help and assistance, based on all of our unique skill sets! I'm sure there are loads of folks that would help...but we need to pick one and start focusing our efforts.

My vote/opinion - I really want to do Yeongseo, but we need a lot of help and a good bit of could be a long term project. The joint project relies on KPML, so I'm not sure how much time we need to set that up...but Shawn was really open, so if we have a good location, I think we could do it quickly. And finally the fund, could be something easy to setup, do properly, start fundraising this spring and could be a springboard to something larger this Fall (like Yeongseo)...

Ok, let me have it?
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