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Regarding speakers, we currently have Jake and myself, with Roger Shepherd (the infield leader of the Baekdu Daegan Project) and Steven Adoranti (landscape photographer and hiker). UNESCO is considering responding positively to our request for a speaker; if they do send one, it will be a scientist (last year we had Mr Hwang Woo-suk, ecogeologist and dean of the College of Sciences at Kyunghee Universty). KTO will very likely provide a speaker as well. This will give us two Koreans.

I was invited to a dinner banquet tonight by Um Hong-gil for his Human Foundation; if I can make it (and it's looking unlikely at the moment) I should be able to find out if he's able to make it. If I can't go, then I'll have the KMPL PR contact the Human Foundation's PR, Mr Kim, tomorrow. Hopefully we'll know by the end of the week whether or not Hong-gil can make it.

David Mason will not be speaking or doing a sanshin-jae this year. He had a fairly serious back injury some weeks ago, and he's unable to stand for long without tiring, let alone bow and do all the ritual aspects of a sanshin-jae. He will be attending though.

Also, KMPL's beloved translator and right-hand man, Jo Sejin won't make it this year. Sejin was the translator last year and did a tremendous job getting things organized. Sejin had a relatively serious accident on Sunday; as he was getting off a bus, the driver didn't notice that Sejin hadn't gotten all the way off and so sped away from the curb without closing the door. This caused Sejin to fall from the bus; the bus's rear tire then ran over Sejin's leg, crushing his ankle. He had surgery yesterday. He's doing much better already today, but he'll be hospital ridden for nearly a month, going through physical therapy.
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