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The 12th is good for me. I was just thinking of the idea held by Koreans that holding an event to mark a day after the fact is not so kosher. In any regard, I agree that the 12th or 13th is best.

I will contact the FAO today to see what the theme is this year. Like they told me before, IMD doesn't get a lot of financing from the UN so the committee is short staffed and generally doesn't start advertsing until mid to late November. They usually do have their themes chosen in advance though and are well keen to let us know.

I will also have the KMPL's PR/translator, Jo Sejin, contact Mr Kim from the Um Hong-gil Human Foundation. The last I heard from Mr Um was about three months ago. Hopefully they will be on board this year.

I think last year may have run a bit long, so fewer speeches may be in order. What do you think?

I agree that a more accessible venue would be great. It's a pro & con type thing: having a venue at Doseonsa-ipgu is great in terms of atmosphere, and of course access to the hills for those who may head into them beforehand/afterward, not to mention all the great restaurants around. Then again, it's far from the subway and can be tough to find. Just the same, Gangbuk-gu has been good at providing shuttle service for the seminar to those who need it.

And, yes, more Koreans!! I'd say a little less than a quarter of last year's attendees were Korean, and we had only one Korean speaker (I'll talk to Professor Kang to see if he's keen on joining us again). Let's see what we can do about that.

One idea I have to add variety to the seminar is a mountain photo exhibit. It could be open to anyone and could (ideally) display photos from mountains around the world.

Let's keep the ideas coming!
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