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Is there a theme for this years day? That'd be good to help get the topics rolling before speeches need a writing. Also I think if it's 11th (FRIDAY) then why not go with Saturday 12th? The week before is final exam week for most uni's think...then again it probably doesn't matter too much.
I hope we can get all KOTRers out there this time. myabe we have a few other KOTR folk who could preent a nice speech/ lecture on the theme/ mountain ecology and so on? I'd be keen to see a more accessible venue too, but the place is well served if it is heated, has a beam projector and computer for powerpoint shows etc. Have you asked Um Hong-gil to join in? With a few guidelines and thematic directionals I could approach some more Koreans too.
Looking fowrard to it, plus the tradition Bukhansan hike before/ after!
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