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Base People!

OK, this is a little climbing, but also personal favors. I live in Jochiwon, about 40 minutes south of Humpheys/Osan by train. I have a car. I've lived in Korea over 16 years and during that time met many army/AF men and women and shared many adventures. You can see a lot by exploring this website.

Personal: I usually visit the USA every summer for 6-8 weeks and bring back essentials. I have been able to find a lot of stuff online, but I would really appreciate "base access" for vegan "cheese" and "meat". Also, I teach American Culture class at Hongik Sejong campus. This coming semester I have two sections (30 students). When I taught this pre-COVID, I did "a taste of America" every week. I made jambalaya and cornbread, mac and cheese, cherry pie . . . I bought tea light candles and we made s'mores on our desks. We did egg decorating and pumpkin carving. I am pretty sure my classes filled because of student forums saying "she feeds you!". As last semester was remote (like this semester will be), I contacted the embassy which sent me gorgeous guidebooks, pens, and flags. I also randomly went to Osan's entrance, and found 3 young and honest looking airmen/woman who went inside and did some shopping for me -- kraft microwave mac and cheese, little debbie snack cakes, pop tarts. . . . I was able to deliver "American Culture care packages" to the 50% of students who showed up for the last week of face-to-face, and mail out the rest. I would love to do this again this semester! I can meet you outside the base with US$ and a shopping list. Also, I can take you on weekend camping trips (Mon is also my day off) and climbing trips. 운일암반일암 (nice valley) and 학암포 (beach with bolted sea cliffs) are close. I have all the climbing gear and extra camping gear (a lot of it USAF issued!).

You can make a positive impression on kids (well, to me, kids, but 20-27 year olds!) who have an interest in American culture. This class is an elective open to all majors. You can help a fellow climber get vegan/vegetarian items. You can help yourself get out and explore Korea in a very safe socially distanced way. You can contact me at 010-4185-7625 (7625 spells out ROCK on old phones!).
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