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Help Planning for first trip to Korea

Hi everyone

My Girlfriend and I live in Singapore, and want to take a trip this summer for about 2 weeks to do rock climbing, hiking and so on and after some talk back and forth, plus some input from a Korean Colleague we have settled on going to Korea.
We are aiming at going the first two weeks of July, even though it might be a little hot, and we would probably aim for one week in Seoul and one in Seoraksan national park.

I've read some blog post by people climbing in these areas and it sounds amazing, but I was hoping you guys could help me prepare a bit. I saw on quite a few of these post, that the climbing was a mix of of both Trad and Sport, specifically it seemed it was necessary to place 2 - 3 cams during the pitches and the rest was bolted.
It is not that we can't climb trad, just we don't have any trad gear ourselves and are not overly keen on adding that expense right now. We would prefer just some nice long sport multi-pitches

So I was hoping someone could help me prepare on what gear we need to bring, currently we have something like

- 24 Quickdraws
- 1 x 70 m rope
- 1 x 50 m rope
- 2 x 120 cm sling
- 1 x 160 cm sling
- 1 x 60 cm sling

I really appreciate you guys taking the time to help us
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