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Thanks, Bryan.

The larger infield projects with volunteers are still once a month, but in light of the current "trash cache" findings at Wonhyobong we're considering expanding. We've decided that KMPL council members will be on Wonhyobong at least three weekends a month until any headway is made with it.

We've been pressuring the park office to consider these trash caches for a while and, after receiving a letter from the heads of the park office on Friday, they've finally admitted that such things were never part of the park's environmental mission nor consideration, and finally agree that something needs to be done. They've committed not to tackle the problem themselves, but, fortunately have offered to give all the help they can to the KMPL in tackling the issue. They've actually admitted that the KMPL is the expert group on the matter of trash caches and litter in the parks in general, not the park office (), and will offer infield help under the guidance of the KMPL.

So, yeah, it's always a full time job. Outside of the infield stuff, there's plenty of outfield stuff that keeps us all busy. I just responded to your e-mail today (sorry about the late reply).

Anyhow, yes, I'm looking forward to continuing our discussions and potentially planning a joint project.

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