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International Day of Action

This Saturday, October 24 is the International Day of Action on Climate Change. A lot of people talk about being concerned about human-sped climate change, but a smaller margin of people are actually doing something about it and taking action - either on the social or homespun levels.

Climate change affects the highlands we all love. Montane ecosystems are rugged places to be sure, but they are also extremely sensitive to swift change, and climate change has begun to take its toll.

So, if Saturday you're in the hills - on a trail, on a crag, on a boulder, ambling near a stream, snoozing under an old twisted pine, or just getting lost in it all - please keep in mind whatever concerns you may have regarding climate change, and make a positive effort to lessen your impact and do something truly active to hault human-sped climate change. And while you're at it, have a blast!

If you don't plan on being in the hills, there are several events planned across South Korea, such as flea markets, bike marches, and so on. There's more info at the campaign's site, with event themes, times, and locations:

Be well.
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