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Confuscious 09-30-2011 03:47 PM


Originally Posted by griddable
It would be nice to have a map of the area so we know where everything is (in particular our campsite and the climbing areas)

Daum map centered on wonju station:

Also, there's some news about the station closing/being replaced by nearby Seowonju station. It's unclear when this is going to happen, but the source apparently says that it's supposed to happen sometime in September. So if you can't get to Ganhyeon station, try Seowonju instead.

yo yo

this what i managed to dig up. a map-ish of the ganhyeon area


this helped me out a lot to see where i'm going. From wonju city to ganhyeon and walking to the crag.

wonju to ganhyeon - seems like bus 52 (to catch across from wonju train station?)

can someone correct me if i'm wrong on this?

Bencrow 09-30-2011 11:43 PM

I am getting mixed info on the bus in Wonju. I have read: catch bus #52 at the Fam-Mart bus stop next to Wonju train station (I am familiar with the stop as I live nearby Wonju). In this thread I have also read that you can catch bus #52 on the opposite side of the large street in front of the Wonju Express bus terminal (also familiar to me.)

A few Korean websites (featuring vague information in their English versions) suggest that bus #54 in Wonju also goes to Ganhyeon. (I don't feel this holds water, a few buses familiar to me in Wonju seemed to change course over the summer, so I am skeptical.)

BUT, anyways... I will be in Wonju tomorrow near the express bus terminal... I will check the #52 route there the best I can. I will report back, however I imagine the bulk of the people coming will figure it out on their own. Worst case scenario ask the driver with your Korean skills!

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