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Hypoxic 04-02-2010 01:53 AM

New Site
Just a few days ago the KMPL's new site went live. The webmaster worked himself raw over the past three or four weeks to get it done by the end of March. He did a fantastic job.

I'd like to invite everyone over for a gander. Note, however, that a hard coded plug-in connected to the menu bar will not recognize older versions of Internet Explorer. If you're running anything predating IE7 (it seems a lot of computers in Korea still run IE6, which considering that IE9 will launch this year is unusual for a country as wired as Korea) you won't be able to fully access drop boxes in the menu. Even IE7 may have some problems. If you're running IE8, no worries. If you use Firefox or Google Chrome you should be all set.

Launched along with the new site is our new campaing called Bring Back the Bins! Many people are unaware that Bukhansan National Park has absolutely no trash bins within park grounds. Give it a shot. Hike the entire park and you will not find a single trash bin in park grounds. The KMPL of course opposes this and we've finally put together a good campaign and related petition. We've spoken with and interviewed several people at the park office and the KNPS on the issue. There's plenty of info on the site, so please go on over, have a read up on the campaign, and if you agree with our stance, please sign the petition.

There's also lots of other info on the site, Korean biodiversity, park management systems in Korea, and lots more. There's also lots of stuff in the media section. Our plan was to make the KMPL site a solid, reliable resource and I'm confident we've done that.

The url is the same - www.kmpl.org - so please come on over, make yourself confortable and read through at your comfort.

Thanks, as always, for the support.

shanja 04-02-2010 05:44 PM

Support the cause! I signed up asap, and you should too (categorical statements and orders are my thing sweeties:p ). This whole mess started when KNPS abondoned park entrance fees (unless the entrance was also to a Buddhist Temple), thus cutting off their own income source (how weird is that!?:suspiciou )
But no bins...none at all....just doesn't make sense. It's wishful thinking, especially on the evidence before "us" that hikers oft just chuck rubbish wherever they like (not singling out Koreans here BTW, I mean all hikers etc generally). The bins at least at the major rest points and entrances offer a place to help manage some of this issue. The real need though, as Shawn and I have said before is for the KNPS to have proper funding and real teeth in it's enforcement powers (extra rangers, bigger more enforcable fines, public awareness campaigns and the ability to politically stand up for environmental concerns over 'tourist' politics).
So again, please drop in on KMPL too, and oft, stay abreast of issues and lend your support. It takes a few minutes at most and could affect you for a long time to come. Thanks!

Hypoxic 04-04-2010 12:52 PM


Originally Posted by shanja
This whole mess started when KNPS abondoned park entrance fees (unless the entrance was also to a Buddhist Temple)

And even that is no longer true, in Bukhansan anyway.

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