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Hypoxic 01-10-2009 01:22 AM

I'd like to start encouraging interested people to ask any questions you may have regarding the expedition, the Himalaya, trekking, Nepal, or anything else pertaining to the whole wonderful package. Feel free to ask here or at the KMPL Facebook page where there is a discussion board for this topic. If you have any questions of a personal nature, you may ask them in PMs.

shanja 01-15-2009 06:43 PM

A good idea if you want to join in this is a CPR/ 1st aid course, and if you see the thread in the forums on CPR certs you can see we are trying to get at least 10 folks together to make it happen. Sign on if you are interested and details on cost, location, time etc will be posted soon (I hope:p ).

Also as for basic gear to take, it's all just common sense regular hiking, camping gear. Climbers note: If we hit up to clean to the summit you should not need plastic double boots, good proofed leather boots with crampon compatibility and super gaiters/ overboots would be fine. It won't be that cold. Hiking sticks with snow baskets and a hiking style ice-axe would also be great...if you lack these picking them up in K'du should be very easy and cheap. Leave your gri-gris at home, just an ATC/ tube etc for any belays. We'll need to be familiar with roped travel, snow travel, self arrests (we are a bad lot!), crevasse rescue and how to do ones toiletries whilst wearing multiple layers into a receptacle for latter removal to BC. Oh, sure sounds easy doesn't it? But there are some gruesome stories of alpine toilet accidents and embarrassments, believe you me!

Hypoxic 01-15-2009 11:07 PM

Just to add to Jake's post, if you don't have proper gear and the sort and fear the often hefty price tags that mountain products proudly boast, pretty much anything can be purchased cheaply (but at compromised quality) in Kathmandu. Most anything can be rented there, as well. Just something to consider.

And I'm hoping everyone will wait for my return before delving into the first aid course...:o

jsp1001 01-28-2009 09:51 AM

i'm seriously lurking too. I think a somewhat firm date would be nice so that we can make a decision. e.g. I have to start school mid August.

shanja 01-29-2009 04:47 PM

OK, I understand people want a firm date and details. So, I can tentatively say July 25 (sat) - Aug 22 (sat), which gives us 29 days inclusive. It's highly likely the exped would take a week or so less. Having viewed the schedules of other exped groups etc to the Chulu area of Manang Himalaya in Nepal (our best bet I think) and allowing for monsoon disruptions etc I think 22 days would be quite sufficient (say July 25-Aug 15).
Please post preferred dates here anyone who is a lurker, allowing a range of 22 days (if you can say a date with 3 days either side, all the better). As yet only a single person has bothered to fill in the requested info form, so it's hard for us organizers to know how serious people are. I realize it goes both ways, but let's try and commit to some details. Shawn will be in Nepal in a week or so and get a better idea of itinerary and costs etc.

shanja 02-15-2009 02:13 PM

So I think I've more or less been able to narrow the peak down to Chulu East (6534m) in the Manang Himalaya. There is also a nearby Chulu Far East (6081m) and a Chulu West (6441m) but Chulu East looks the more attractive peak for a few reasons, so get familiar with it if you are coming.
Although it'll be up to BK and his company exactly how we get there, I imagine it'll be K'du-Pokhara, then hike up to BC via the Marshyangdi and back va Jomsom to Pokhara and K'du. A circuitous trek, in and out via different paths should be possible.

I'm really keen that the climbing part be done safely and in good style. Chulu East (6584m) looks like it will give us a bit of scope to try an alpine/ semi-alpine ascent via a new route or variation. The "standard" route is the NE ridge, and is rated generally as an Alpine Grade (French) PD+ (Peu difficile), a new route we could expect to be stiffer...maybe AD+ (Assez difficile) or D (Difficile). You can all help by searching out photos of Chulu East and trying to pick out possible lines. Look for ice-cliffs, avo-chutes, cornices and so on.

Under training I've mentioned the desire to get a few prac days on roped travel and crevasse rescue. Let's work together to help each other be well prepared.

At BC we will all help clean up what rubbish we can find. With permission of the Sirdar/ Nepalis we can burn that which is combustible (fire is sacred to Tibetans and some Nepalis so they might be offended). Other stuff we will try and collect and sort into barrels for removal back to Pokhara (?).

As we will be at BC about a week, we will need build a toilet that captures our waste too, and we will need to pack this poo and paper out. I'm serious.

Thus we will need everyone to bring 5-7 pairs of cotton gloves (those dinky Korean white and red things perfect) and a pair of stronger work (leather) gloves). Lots of antisceptic handwash (better than soap) and so on.

I'm hoping that on the days when the climbing team takes on the mountain, the others will be able to rest or go off on a 2-3 day side trip. Bring some books, cards, camera, travel games, frisbee etc. It isn't meant to be all work and no play!

shanja 02-22-2009 10:14 PM

Good general info on the region can be viewed online at www.destinationmanang.com take a look. Really beautiful and varied scenerey even for those of us who've been in Nepal before, this area should be different again.

Hypoxic 03-29-2009 11:51 PM

I'm back and ready to help get this thing rolling. I got the map, Jake. Let's plan to hook up soon.

shanja 03-30-2009 11:14 AM

Great! Thanks a million gazillion Shawn. Would this weekend sometime work for you? I might be able to pop up Seoul-wise and see you. Brain (Brian123) from up near Inje in Gangwon-do is also really interested in getting in on this. Maybe we can coordinate something? Love to hear and see what you have to say about your recent exploits in the Hims too!

Hypoxic 03-30-2009 02:00 PM

Yep, this weekend would be fine. Maybe a hike with some good eats and drinks afterward. Let me know.

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