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Cali4nia 11-28-2008 01:10 AM

Seoraksan November 29-30
Howdy y'all. Sorry for the late post, but Wesley, Danielle and I are meeting at Seoraksan for some climbing. If you've never been to Seoraksan, you are seriously missing out! I couldn't believe the quality of the routes when I visited in September.

Wesley and Danielle might get there Friday night. I can't get there until Saturday afternoon, but I'll stay all day Sunday.

Seoraksan has some sport crags, but the long multi-pitch routes on Janggun-Bong are the best. There is some good bouldering, if that's your bag. Most importantly, it's the most stunning park in Korea, and you can't live here without making the pilgrimage.

To get to Seoraksan: go to your local bus terminal, and grab a bus to Sokcho, on Korea's East Sea. Once you get there, ask for city buses to Seoraksan. Hike in 3km to Baek-Un-Dae shelter. There are signs everywhere--you can't miss it. It's 5,000 won per night, and they have good bibimbap for 6,000 won, or maybe 7,000. Beer is 4,000 won, so I'll pack my own in.

Email me if you have questions. Happy climbing!

nationalpickleday 12-01-2008 10:14 AM

The hostal is closed until Dec. 15th and no climbing permitted. grrr. Get creative. Bring a really warm sleeping bag for clandestine poaching!

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