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firedawgUSAF 04-14-2006 06:50 PM

you've gotta be fuckin shitting me see you can still swear you just need to be a little creative :cool8: this easily could be a topic in and of it self "How to get past the censors" :becky:

Ricky 04-14-2006 08:45 PM

I'm sorry. What is webbing? Do you mean..what I call a sling? Like flat rope. Sometimes it has like loops in it so you can make it the desired length. Well not exactly rope...... It can also be a rope. Much thinner than a climbing rope. You tie a fishermans knot in it and you can adjust the length.
Sorry. God! I'm such an amateur.

ricardo 04-14-2006 09:03 PM

nylon webbing is the flat stuff that is either 1 inch wide (good for anchors) or 1/2 inch wide which is used for sling. the ends are tied together with a water knot.
cordallete is the mini-rope you're thinking of. usually 5-7mm diameter and is tied together with the double fishermans.
link w/ pics

skinsk 04-14-2006 09:55 PM

Yeah, webbing is that flat nylon stuff that slings (a sewn sling, for example is one of those nylon loops that is sewn together by industrial strength machines and threads) and daisy chains (the ones with the loops so you can adjust the length for clipping in). Cord is the stuff that looks like tin rope. Both webbing and chord come in different diameters with different strengths accordingly. Cord and rope are usually tied together with a double (or triple) fisherman's knot and webbing is best tied with an overhand threaded through in reverse. The lose ends after the knot is tied should be facing different directions.

BTW, firedawg mentions anchoring in when you're belaying (a good idea, especially if you're light). . . I keep my daisy girth-hitched "permanently" through my belay loop and often use it to tie myself to a tree or whatever.

As my partners know, I am in the habit of threading my grigri and saying out loud as I look at the pictures "ok, you're on the climber end; I'm the hand" or something like that. . . but I recently rigged (the 3rd of 5) simoul-raps with a grigri wrong, and my partner luckily caught it! An embarrassing situation (I don't often rap with a gri gri, the last time having been over 5 years previous) but it's always good to know your partners are looking out for you. Especially important when there is a language barrier.

firedawgUSAF 04-15-2006 12:00 AM

All very good info I don't need to stress safety any more skinsk did a good job of that. There are multiple ways to create anchors with webbing im not going to get into that right now but one of the most common (at least in my little Fire/Rescue world) Is the wrap 3 pull 2. If you are using a rope the tensionless hitch works well you can see an example here now please notice that they demonstrate this with a biner at the end. However if you are short on equipment you can use a figure eight flow thru in place. Just be sure to tie the figure eight first make your wraps and then follow thru. Also the water knot is essentially an overhand follow thru but the link to a bunch of useful knots including the water knot can be found here Ricky don't be afraid to ask questions while some people are more knowladagable than others no one knows everything! You can always learn something from someone. I am by no means an expert I have my specialties as I'm sure you have yours!


"Beware of the climber that tells you they already know everything."

kimcito 04-18-2006 05:41 PM

check out this article about the safety of climbing ropes.

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