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Hypoxic 05-10-2009 07:28 PM

KMPL Site Updates
I'll use this thread to inform everyone of significant updates on the KMPL site.

And there's an update to announce right now!

We've added a news feature to the site. It will provide information regarding recent (and some retrospective) environmental and nature related news. It will try to focus on Korea but since the environment is not inclusive to borders or nationalism, it will ultimately provide news of global scope and interest. It will be updated weekly (every Sunday), so stop by the site some evening during the week, put on a spot of tea, and read some news about our amazing planet, all available in one place.

Visit the KMPL (the link to which is at the bottom of every KOTR page) for this week's features:

- Some Himalayan glaciers "surviving" global warming
- Cutting cattle-based methane by 25%
- 200 new amphibian species discovered, Madagascar
- New Korean salamander looks like American cousin


Hypoxic 05-18-2009 05:22 PM

The environmental and nature news has been updated for this week on the site. The headlines:

- Korea urged to lead in green shipping
- Korea looks to IT to power green growth
- More birds on IUCN red list than ever
- Climate change could displace millions in Asia's Coral Triangle

Stop by the site and have a look.

Hypoxic 06-22-2009 03:45 PM

The KMPL's photo and video gallery has returned after a long absence. Updated, the gallery is sporting not only photos of KMPL Council, members, and volunteers in action, but also some stellar shots of the more often than not beautiful wilderness of Korean highlands.

Take a look:


The environment and nature news has again been updated. It was updated at least twice since the above post; sorry about my forgetting to put the update on here. The current headlines are:

*- Endangered Whales Discovered Where Thought to be Locally Extinct

*- Biologist Discovers Pink-winged Moth In Chiracahua Mountains

*- Seoul to Link Hiking Trails, Create Trekking Route

*- Same-sex Behavior Seen In Nearly All Animals, Review Finds

Visit the site to read the news.


Hypoxic 06-30-2009 10:10 PM

The environment and nature news has once again been updated.

This week:

The environment and nature news headlines have been updated.

This week:
- Plastics from biomass?
- Two new natural wonders on World Heritage List, including the Dolomite Mountains
- Seoul Metro may install subway cars for cyclists
- Unregulated "bycatch" whaling in South Korea & Japan threatens species

Visit www.kmpl.org now to read the news.


Hypoxic 10-15-2009 01:12 PM

Just a reminder - after a while - that the news is still frequently being updated.

The stories currently:

-IUCN members meet in Korea
-Volcanoes defrosted ice age
-Loss of top predators causing ecosystems to collapse
-Oldest skeleton of human ancestor found

Stop by the site and have a read.

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