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skinsk 04-19-2007 03:38 AM

Bilingual Guidebook for Korea
OK, so as some know. . . I plan to do a bilingual guidebook on climbing in Korea. I have a publisher and distributer and (hopefully, possibly) a Korean co-author. It will focus on the best and the easily accessible crags, with lots of hints and tips for life/travel in Korea. Areas around cities and bases are key. (Matt Robertson's Long Dong Trad Climbs for Taiwan is an inspiration. . .)

Why am I posting about this? I need you!! I need my fellow KOTRers and your high resolution photos-- particularly those I can photoshop into topos (but certainly excellent climbing shots-- re: no butts, armpits, headless. . .) of Insubong, Halmaebawi, Sununsan, Kanhyon, Soraksan, Yongseo, Yeongkyeong, Geumgang (Daegu) . . . you can send them to me-- I need releases from any identifiable people and the photographer or owner of the photos (i.e.: you give your camera to Joe Kim and he gets a good photo-- you own it and give me permission). . . what do you get? fame and a copy if and when. . . :D I'll also feature (with your permission) photos and quotes about living and climbing in Korea. . . send me your best. . . or maybe I'll find your best and seek your permission?!

Ideas? Suggestions? pul-lease PM me!!!

Fainthearted Wack 04-19-2007 08:27 AM

Wow! This is amazing! I was hoping somebody would take this challenge on soon. Glad it's you (and not me).
But I'm willing to help in anyway, although I don't have many pictures, but I'll start taking them.

Eric 04-19-2007 10:26 AM

Here are all my photos.
http://www.koreaontherocks.com/climb...1&sort=vie ws

Let me know which ones you like by clicking the title of the picture next to the text (Click title for image URL). Then send me the URL's and I will dig up what I have for each photo.

It should be an awesome book!!!

skinsk 04-19-2007 01:17 PM

It'd be especially helpful if anyone with a good camera (and/or an eye for photography) would remember to snap some good, unobstructed crag views on those good sunny days! Especially folks near "urban" crags around Busan, Ulsan. . . I hope to include brief "essays" and/or comments by people who live and climb in Korea (Korean climbers included!!). Eric, I was going to ask Sun Ho Lee to co-author!!

Eric 04-19-2007 01:56 PM

[quote=skinskEric, I was going to ask Sun Ho Lee to co-author!![/QUOTE]
great idea! he is perfect.

skinsk 04-19-2007 08:59 PM

I plan to brainstorm here and anytime 2 or more of us gather 'til it's done!

My publisher (aka my brother, Fred, whose company Sharpend Publishing has had a Banff Book finalist-- Indian Creek Climbs, one of 9 finalist of 170+ book entries) wants it bilinguel-- and given many Koreans want an updated easy-to-use guide-- I agree. Obviously I'll need to include the classic routes on Insubong and Soraksan, as well as all of Sununsan and Kanhyon. I'll do major easy-to-get-to "urban" crags like Geumjang in Busan, Munsu in Ulsan. . . and some fun cool places that are easily accessible/on the tourist track like Yongseo, Yeongkyeong, Oedolgae. . . (I want to appeal to all levels of climbers) . . . obviously I'll point to KOTR. Need to highlight some walls: the Bull, O2, a few biggies in Seoul (Boraemae, Eungbong). . . I'd like to get essays (I'll pay to translate to English/Korean) from Seung-kwan, Mi-young, Chung-jun, Seong-won, Dong-hyun, Jin-taek, Hyun-jeong, Song-hui, Tae-jun. . . maybe Ja-in, though I don't know her. . . and Eric, Ricky, Mike, Joshi, Rick, Jenn, Greg/Punchy. . . I'll post on the Korean sites for photos from Caldwell's and Hirayama's visit (I've photos from the latter, albeit bad ones). . . might be nice to have a shot/quote or two of Sharma/Lauren Lee . . . I want some honest heartfelt thoughts about climbing in Korea/Korea/what you're leaned, etc. . . which is not to say that anyone on this sight might not have something bookworthy to contribute! DO NOT feel bashful!! If you have an insight, an inspiration, etc from Korea. . . I am NOT elitist!! I want the book to be heartfelt, informative, etc. . . I also want history! I know the Korean Alpine Fed was a big player in the colonial era (as a way to plot and plan against the Japanese in the Mts). . . obviously Yvon Chinard (aka Black Diamond) pioneered the routes that bear his name on Insubong-- I climbed with one of his old partners when I did the Man and Mountain shoot in '99-- gotta try to find that guy again!) I want this to be a truely great, worthy book-- not something rushed together!

I want your photos (esp in the sunlight, of great climbing-- no butts, or of complete crags where I might photoshop lines). . . you will be paid . . . in a free book:o and fame and credits:rolleyes8 I need your photos (good photographers among you) because I am not a good photographer!

Obviously this book is a labor of love for me. I love this country, and I love the local and expat climbing communities. I don't think I can leave Korea without writing it and I may have to stay during vacation or come back to devote the time necessary! I expect, like my (veggie)website, it will cost me more than I earn. . . so if you can contribute photos, stories, etc. . . you may live on on coffee tables. . . you'll get good karma. . . but not much else:o

skinsk 04-20-2007 09:37 PM

I need the brainstorming power and the photographic talent of all y'all (well, those with high resolution cameras). . .

I want to write a book that makes the finalists at the Banff Mountaineering Book Awards!! I want a book that is inclusive of the Korean and Foreign climbing communities. My publisher, as I mentioned, insisted the book be bilinguel. I want it to be part Long Dong Trad Climbs, by Matt Robertson (who some of you met in Thailand or knew beforehand!) and part Sam Lightener-style-guide (well, opinionated but not so embellished, compromised or frightening! . . . and as I've said. . . all voices will be contacted, listened to, represented. . .) and part David Bloom's Indian Creek Guide. . . with essays from anyone with a history or impact in the area, gorgeous photos. . . etc. . .

The book, as I envision, will be co-authored by myself and an old friend prominent and connected in the Korean community. I want to cover the background, politics and history of Korean climbing, classics, and personalities foreign and native, old and young. . . old and new . . . kow something? let me know!! I'll follow up!!

Don't think that if you're new to climbing or Korea that your opinion doesn't count-- usually you bring honest opinions and fresh perspective where long-timers see something tired-- again, this book aims to be inclusive for a wide audience.

If you're Korean, connected, etc, and can help with ads and sponsors, great! I also accept ideas, (constructive) criticism, topos, photos, gift certificates, gear, advice, margarita fixings, "green climbing rope". . .

If you have a good camera and you're out on a sunny day. . . please step back and take a shot of the crag that could be used to show route topos. . . jot down notes of impressions, etc. . . station yourself at the top of a route and take good (lead) shots of people's faces!

Share your stories, impressions, etc on this thread or PM. . . how has the climbing shared your Korean experience? what's the wildest story? how have the Korean/foreign climbers informed you/changed you/inspired you/shaped you as a climber? a person?

You'll be acknowledged! You'll get a free copy even if it comes out of my pocket!! THANKS!!

skinsk 05-01-2007 10:13 PM

I am really inspired by all the enthuisiasm and offers of help from all of y'all!! I feel much more like an editor than the co-author. I will try to get back to everyone individually, but in order of what I need most (i.e., things I suck at and/or hate doing or can't do myself)

1. Photos and illustrations. Cover shots will be conpensated, as will super-excellent shots . . . multiple submissions that are used (including combined with other help). . . I'll get out as many free copies as I can. much will depend on advertising and sponsorship. I will call on US and ROK contacts. ROK photographers will be paid first, esp for classic shots. Everyone used will get photo credits and acknowledgement (and books at wholesale). Photos with recognizable people must have model releases. PM me your e-mail for a (bilingual) release. If you can draw (humans or rocks), send me a sample!!

2. Maps, GPS info. . . this might get multiple copies and some beer and belays.

3. Translations. It's a bilinguel guidebook. I'll have some of my students do rough translations, but anyone who is fluent or nearly will get free books. this includes help translating model releases, letters to advertisers/sponsors, route descriptions and directions and essays/history/interviews. . .

4. Proofreading and editing. This might also get copies of the guidebook, beer and belays.

5. Ideas-- what should/n't be included. What's your favorite crag? Do you know a Korean climber who is a leader or representative of your gym/area, who has climbed abroad?, or who otherwise might contribute (including photos, illustrations, translations. . .:))

6. Your story! Some of you I might some right out and ask if I can quote your blog, use your photos, etc. I will not publish anything that you have not looked over in the context of the entire book! I want to intersperce the book with heartfelt stories aboout how climbing in Korea has shaped your experience in Korea, and maybe who you are as a person. I want that story of your first trip with the gym. . . your first time at Sununsan, etc. . . you probably won't get money. . . but you may get to inspire others and become a part of the "history" of climbing in Korea and a really pretty damn good guidebook!

I want this book to reflect the love and respect that I have for the Korean and Expat climbing community here in Korea. It needs to have all of your stories and input. I hope in part it will introduce the Korean climbers to the foreigners andd vice-versa. I also hope to bring more cimbers to Korea.

Post here or PM me with your ideas!

skinsk 10-31-2007 11:40 PM

SO . . . as of now, my PMbox keeps getting full. So far I have Dave writing about the Insubong Boulders. . . and hopefully being my guide out there one day while we're both here! I figure that's good for a cold day even. I just want to get really good details, counts, grades, etc. Dave's the man.

Corey to help me with Insubong routes (and Seoninbong), though I am interested in anyone's opinions of the top routes to include, how many top routes (I was thinking go with top 10?) . . . I'd like info on pitches, etc and good photos. Hope to make it out yet this season-- soon! The more (able to lead the behemoth or skedaddle quickly as a 3rd--that's maybe Kris? Seungkab? ) the merrier. . .

Who but Dan (well, maybe Johnny or the Jeju Climbers I haven't met. . . yet) could write abut Jeju. . . and lucky me! he takes some amazing photos!

Hope someone is still in Ulsan to host me in the Spring-- it's been nearly a decade since I was at Musuchan. Anyone there want to check on the route info, I'll send 'em a link. . . I still might could make it out this late fall/winter?!

Hoping Greg, Jenn, Andrew or some of the new Sokcho folks (who I hope to meet this spring!) can help with photos, descriptions, and introduction, and/or some belays/ropegunning later this spring-- I'll be back for my 7th trip to Seorak-- but always something new to see and experience! I'll defintely include Jangunbong, Jeok Byeok and Yuseondae; for Ulsan Bawi I was thinking of just highlightling one or two routes-- not many are done these days anyway. . . I hope I can use Craig's info, and maybe some photos and a quote or two? Hope he wrote all that stuff down. Of course, I'm also hitting up Mary and Göran. . .

I'd like Ricky to write up something about her experience climbing in Korea with her climbing club, same for Scott. . . I could almost take something from their websites. I hear Dave's an awesome writer too. . . and I hope to see that for myself!!

Heidi-- I need to set out some time with-- maybe next spring when it's still cold-- to interview some prominent Korean climbers. I think I also should talk to Heidi about my ideas of what should come from a Korean perspective. Should she have time, I would like her to do a final edit on the whole thing.

I am still in need of photos and input as to what to include/not to include. Just cuz I didn't say your name doesn't mean I don't want your help (or even that I haven't pegged you for something specific!! like Shanja witing about his experiences and helping with the Korean:/). At times I have heard (in no specific order and not limited to) Mike (B.), David, Rick, Yats, Sizelove, Alex, Matt, Jessica, Brandon, Kim-Lee, Jeff, Miguel, Les, Nicole, Steve (and no doubt some I've forgotten to include) make heartfelt claims or passionate statements that I would definitely welcome into this book if they found their way to me.

Josh didn't need to say it, he caught it all on film and was part of the best of KOTR.

Never met CHOI BAWI or rockboy but they seem knowledgeable to contribute-- at least input and ideas but maybe photos, essays. . .

And finally, Eric needs to do a semi-introduction or some special page somewhere before "acknowledgements"(he's already made all his photos available to me and I invite, nay challange, everyone here to do the same!!). . . as the book is really a spin off of his website. Without it I doubt I (or many of you) would still be here.

So hope this answers the "what I want from you" questions. . . sorry I couldn't get back to everyone personally (my inbox really gets full alot. . . plus I have a job now, and everything is a time drainer. . . but I appreciate any help and especially the initiative to go out there and do it. .. if you're at a craig, take good photos! Get route names/lengths/grades, etc. if you need it, I can send you links to topos before you go so you can print them and check them when you get there. count bolts, check anchors, send me your opinion?! take some photos.

I prefer you read this and tell me what you can do, or just do it! or tell me what you think! Or tell me when you're free if you want and can and will take an assignment!! But don't have me send you things and then you don't bother because that wastes my time, and as you can see, I have enough to do!!

thanks again to everyone who has logged in hours!! YOU know who you are!!

skinsk 03-13-2008 09:39 PM

OK, now that things are going. . . I'm really keen to assign, push, ask. . . for any and all help with this! If you want to help, I can find something that will match your interests, skills, etc!

Even if you are no longer in Korea!!

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