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03-14-2007, 07:48 PM
Well, not me. My club. There's a tiny little section with all my club members (well one of my clubs) climbing at Kokiri Bawi in Mokpo. Check it out.
The photographer for climber magazine was at Halmae this weekend. He took more photos of us and other climbers. I don't think I'll make it in the magazine, though. I wasn't climbing particularily well, and I have a tendency to make funny faces when I'm climbing- :eek8: "deer caught in headlights"; :p "tongue hanging out of mouth" , and :mad: "angry ricky" are some looks you may recall from the phtoplogs.

Anyway, so check out next months issue too, well especially all you Southern folk, cuz you'll see some pretty familiar faces.

03-14-2007, 08:35 PM
Yeah, I got the March issue. . . Jeonju Climbing Center is featured along with Mokpo-- as Maisan and Yudolsan (guess only southerners get on rock in the winter), and sadly, most of the issue is about ice and distant destinations (Patagonia)!

That said, I am kinda disappointed in the direction of Climber as a whole-- I had high hopes for a magazine like the early Rock and Ice or Climbing, (initially their focus was on quality photos and strongly featured locals home and abroad) but it's looking more and more like a slimmed down (print, not price) Man and Mountain . . .i.e. profiles of people with the right connections and imported articles that I read in Climbing and/or R&I. . . 10 years ago. . .
however I will buy the next issue . . . if Ricky is in it!!!

03-14-2007, 08:53 PM
In regard to direction, I don't know. I just look at the pictures. I don't actually read the articles.

Anyway- I hate the mags in the winter cuz their always on ice, and the thought of ice....uhgggg (shuddering).

03-14-2007, 08:57 PM
I think a really horrible picture of me may have been in the March or April issue of 2005. My friends told me about it, but never showed me, presumably cuz the photo was that bad.

03-14-2007, 09:44 PM
I try to keep up with the mags (old habits!, though I no longer keep up with the US rags) but I might have missed you in summer, as I was home. Still, you can check at just about any gym-- Korean gyms horde mags!! I still can find pics of me in c. 1998-2000 M&M and Mountain. Are they great photos? NO! (But note that they don't always place flattering photos of Korean climbers) but I was flattered anyway; and the magazine articles and photos give me more credibility when I walk into a gym in a new city and start asking all kinds of questions.

So I would think they would use photos of you (look! foreigners come to Halmae Bawi!) and I think it's good to raise the profile of foreign climbers in Korea and I am especially happy to see more women featured (à la Dee). And as KOTR is a testament to, we are a presence on the crags in Korea.

You know you'll be thrilled to see yourself in Climber(and your dad will think it's a great photo) and your ex will probably buy several copies!! I am sure their is an excellent photo of you on that photo card, and I am almost equally sure that is not the one they will use:becky:

04-03-2007, 01:07 AM
Ricky, you are in the April issue!! but it just came out for retail sales (here Magazines come out in the month on the label!). . . I am sure everyone will bring you a copy (I assume you will buy some for your parents:)) You look good-- climbing at Halmae, and in the requisite group shot. . . one of many but somehow you manage to stand out:)

04-03-2007, 02:55 PM
B-team told me my look was very - "blue steel". I wanted the photographer to get a shot of me climbing "Arirang Halmae" since it's such a classic course (a nice reminder of Halmae Bawi), but surprisingly my team wouldn't let me climb it. They thought my condition was "down". The next weekend I redpointed it perfectly(Hmpfh!). Unfortunately I won't be climbing anything for a while. I have a really nasty shoulder problem. It hurts even when I'm running. I can't even do small problems without being in pain later on. I may have to lay off for a month (well other people said longer, but screw that). Oh. sorry I just realized this isn't a PM. Okay enough rambling.

Ya. So cool. I haven't seen the magazine yet. But I'm pretty psyched to see the Jeolla folks in it again. Ya...Jeolla Climbers Rule!!!!
In Yo Face Gyeonggi Do!

04-03-2007, 04:06 PM
Yeah-- Cholla folks were featured in March; April was more about Halmae-- but your gym happens to be the ones on it.

GO to the Hanui clinic!! Run, don't walk. Sometimes they can heal soft tissue tweaks in 3-4 days! But, yeah, even when it's not spasming, you don't want to pull on it and make it work. I mean, every injurt is different, but I have had really good luck on some nasty shoulder and muscle injuries with Hanui (though twice-- of about 10 times--I've had some slightly painful treatments).

Not sure what "blue steel" is, as far as looks, but it seems conditions weren't super ideal for climbing photos. . . but you/your gym looks hardcore, climbing in the cold!

04-08-2007, 02:17 PM
Saw the photos. I was pleased, nothing to be ashamed of. Well...except maybe my homemade climbing socks. I cut the heel and toe out so they keep your ankles warm without making your shoes too tight. Also, went to the Han i wuan. They stabbed my shoulder with a lancing device like ten times and then put a suction cup on it. 10 minutes later the cup had about an ounce of blood floating around in it. I hope they change the lancets...eeeeew. I'm not sure about these treatments Im receiving. I almost think they're making it worse. Especially electrical impulse stimulation. Sorry...again, I should have just pmed you, Sonia. Anyway...maybe if someone else comes accross it they'll have some treatment suggestions. This thread is getting a little off topic , eh!

04-09-2007, 12:11 AM
Yeah. . no. . .I almost didn't go back after a skin perferating "bad blood" (letting) painful experience. . . except a day later I was actually feeling better and it kinda worked. . . I don't profess to understand it . . just know it has gotten me back to climbing much sooner than I thought. . . anyway, can we assume you'll be at the M & G if just to be social? :)