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03-12-2007, 11:02 PM
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This is a very special podcast where we had the great opportunity to interview Søren Gudmann (http://www.7zummits.dk/) and his girlfriend Jane while they were in Korea.

Søren Gudmann, a highly experienced mountaineer from Denmark, summited the highest peak on every continent in 193 days breaking the previously held record of 214 days. Find out what happened to Søren after coming down from the mountains.

Søren came to Korea with his girlfriend Jane (i apologize but i can't remember her last name). Jane, who was adopted by a Norwegian family when she was 5, came back to Korea to meet her family. Hear more about her visit.

This was recorded on February 2nd. Jake, who climbed Xixabangma with Søren in 2003, introduced us to Søren and Jane.