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09-26-2006, 12:06 PM
There are still shirts available for sale. Here is what we have left and some pics for those who didn't see them at the M&G.

Cotton shirts are 12,000 and Coolmax are 20,000. If you want them shipped, shipping will be extra though i don't know what the cost is right now. This includes shipping overseas, too. If you want a shirt shipped overseas, please tell me what method of shipment you would prefer.

I will go to the post office once a week to ship all shirts that were ordered during the past week.

Sizes are as such:
L = 95
XL = 100
XXL = 105
XXXL = 110

We sold out of mediums (90) already.

Here's what's left:


Black - gone

XL - 2
XXL - 3
XXXL - 1

XXXL - 2


Gray - gone

Orange - gone

Green - gone