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07-12-2006, 05:16 PM
Here are two upcoming festivals...

Pentaport Rock Festival (http://pentaportrock.com/program_01.php) in Incheon (July 28-30)
Tour2Korea's (http://english.tour2korea.com/02Culture/events/Depth04.asp?sightseeing_id=644&oid=undefined&ADDRESS_1=11614&ADDRESS_2=11386&sight=Event) writeup

Busan Intl Rock Festival (http://english.tour2korea.com/02Culture/events/Depth04.asp?sight=Event&sightseeing_id=619&ADDRESS_1=8551&ADDRESS_2=7661&konum=1&kosm=m2_1) (tour 2 korea) (August 5-7)

I know there's more...what have you found?

07-12-2006, 05:58 PM
found another one...

Anmyeondo Music Festival (http://www.anmyeondomusic.com/eng/) (August 18-20)

07-16-2006, 02:41 PM
Regular live gigs by Korean and foreigner membered bands can be caught at the "Cool Bar" in downtown Daejeon most weekends...though it is a bit irregular. On the whole the music is quite good, ranging from Hip-hop to rock to pop to indie etc. No cover charge usually, but they often run short on beer glasses (actually metal cups like old school milkshake cups) forcing thirsty patrons to buy 5000won bottled Cass etc!
For more chilled sounds, and better beer you could try the Weizenhaus German Micro-brewery in Wolpyeong Dong. They do a decent all you can eat and drink buffet from 5.30pm-9pm on Saturdays (perfect after a day of cragging at KyeryongSan, or Halma Bawi etc). Cost is about 18,000 a head I think.The music at last visit was from a Uzbekistani band who did the world-music soft pop-rock and jazz-trad fusion thing bloody well. Elsewise it could be a Philipino band again.
The Indonesian restaurant (B1) in Downtown (opposite the Buy the Way Convenience store near KFC) also has a stage and live music set-up with local Indonesian/ Korean dudes rocking out often. Note the menu is in Indonesian, but Ari, the cute young waiter speaks great English and Korean, and can help you out. It's only open though on Sat and Sundays till about 10-11pm so get there early! Public karyoke is also possible if you ask nicely.
No Daejeon isn't Seoul...but if you don't mind getting out of foreigner bars there is in fact a lot of music being played worth hearing.