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04-24-2006, 01:31 AM
What's the time now?
지금 몇 시예요?
It's 8 o'clock.
2. next time........:)

04-24-2006, 11:02 PM
KOREAN TIPS Part the Second.
Shanja's idioms and sayings....use with some degree of caution, and humour!:becky:
What are friends for!
귀찮게 굴지 말고나 좀 내버려둬!
Get off my back!
그럴 기분이 아냐!
I'm not in the mood.
Take it easy/ chill out!
날 머ㅜㄹ로 보는거야?
What do you take me for?
웃기는 소리하지 마라!
Don't be ridiculous!
누어ㅜ서 떡먹기!
Piece of cake (easy!)
한번만 봐줘라!
Gimme a break!

02-29-2008, 09:21 PM
Sorry that post that says
"Piece of cake (really easy)" should read in Korean:

Here are a few extra lines you might find uesful, I do.

1-Hang in there (don't give up/ stay positive).
끝까지 버텨

2-Let's hit the road (Let's be off/ Let's get going)
자, 출발하자!

3-It's not the end of the world!
세상이끝난건 아니다!

4-All's well that ends well.
끝이좋으면, 만사좋다.

5-Hunger is the best sauce.

03-01-2008, 01:09 AM
not "낙자" (which Jo Sungkab tells me is an interesting combination of Chinese and German words, handed down from colonial Japanese usage and therefore offensive to many Koreans), but "로프 떠러져요" or just "로프!"


Rock Climbing (Face)

Ridge Climbing

Not feeling good today
아이 시 오늘 컨디션이 안좋다

I give up (e.g. on a hard climb)

I really give up (e.g. on my nemesis)
두손 다 드렀어

Summit booze

Do you know whose rope this is?
이거 누구 자율인지 아십니까?

You're out of your league compared to others here.
뻔대기 앞에서 주름잡지 마!

Please give me a tasty nutritious snack.
아줌마, 뻔대기 주세요.

Okay, the last one aint right. couldn't resist : )

03-01-2008, 01:49 AM
The big blue Road Map to Korean is great at explaining Chinese influence on Korean (in English, using Chinese and Korean only to illustrate what the book is explaining!) which definitely brings new insight. When so far from my teacher, I find websites good as they "pronounce" better than a book. I don't remember the name of the book I was using with my teacher, but I'll get it as I think it's good in some ways. . .

03-03-2008, 01:26 AM
pls. see my correction to "rope!" above.

choss monkey
03-03-2008, 01:56 AM
i remember a post a while back (maybe by eric) that had climbing gym, indoor climbing place, and a lot of other useful stuff. i only wrote down those two but I bet if anyone can find that, it would be useful to copy and paste on this thread for people.

04-12-2008, 04:44 PM
OK here is an update on language that might prove useful dudes/ dudettes.
1-Climbing Gym
실내암벽등반 - shil-nae am-byeok deung-ban
암장 - am-jang {used only be other climber types. Not general public}
2-Is there a climbing gym around here?
여기가 실내암벽등반있어요?
Yeo-gi-ga shil-nae am-byeok deung-ban iss-o-yo?
3-Can you write me the address please?
주소는 서주세요
Ju-so-neun seo-ju-se-yo
4-Sorry (excuse me). Can you belay me?
실례합니다. 확보 해주세요
Shil-ye ham-ni-da. Hwak-bo-hae-ju-se-yo?
5-Sure (my pleasure).
네, 좋아요.
Ne, Jo-ah-yo.
6-Do you want to lead this?
선등 하실래요?
seon-deung ha-shil-lae-yo?
7-No. You go for it!
아니요. 당신이 선등 하실래요!
Ah-ni-yo. Dang-shin-i seon-deung ha-shil-hae-yo.
8-Really? Awesome. Thanks!
정말요? 대단해요! 감사합니다!
Jeong-mal-yo? Dae-dan-hae-yo! Kam-sa-ham-ni-da!
9-You're welcome. Just don't screw it up or fall.
천만해요. 망치지마세요. 추락하지마세요.
Cheon-man-hae-yo. Mang-chi-ji-ma-se-yo. Chu-rak-ha-ji-ma-se-yo.
10-Yeah, don't worry about me.
응, 내 걱정하지마세요.
Ueng (Uhh), Nae keok-jeong-ha-ji-ma-se-yo.
11-Finished! (at anchors) Lower me!
완료! 내려주세요!
Wol-yo! Nae-ryo-ju-se-yo!
12-Do you want me to clean the route (grab the quickdraws etc)?
(퀵드로즈) 회수해요?
Quickdraws hwei-su-hae-yo?
13-Yeah clean the pro/ draws/route.
네, 회수하세요!
Ne, hwei-su ha-se-yo!
14-Hang-on/ Wait a second/ Stop for a sec!
대기! /잠간!
Dae-gi!/ Jam-kan!

From all this you can see the 2 crucial verb endings:
1-(ha)-ji-ma-se-yo (-(하) 지-마-세요)
This means "Don't (do)..."
Don't go = Ka ji-ma-se-yo! (가지마세요)
Don't swear (curse) = York ha-ji-ma-se-yo (욕하지마세요)
Don't argue/ fight = Sa-um ha-ji-ma-se-yo (싸움하지마세요)

2-ju-se-yo. (-주세요)
This means "Please do/ give ....for me"
Give me the water please = Mul-ju-se-yo (물주세요)
Give me a hand (help) = Do-wa-hae-ju-se-yo (도와해주세요)
Take me to "X" please (to a taxi-driver) = "X" ka-ju-se-yo ("X" 가주세요)

04-12-2008, 05:00 PM
I'm gonna steal a lot of this for an appendix. . .

also note that 암장 (rock wall/place) is used for gym, 실내암장 or real rock, i.e. 부엉새 (or any other rock)암장. . .
a little familiarity and phrases like 인공빙(벽)장 (artificial ice climbing wall) will roll off your tongue. . . or at least help you navigate the magazines:)

04-12-2008, 06:57 PM
Ahh yeah but be careful. Actually 실내암벽등반 is quite literally "room-inside-rock-wall-climb area" it doesn't imply real rock.

04-12-2008, 07:18 PM
Oh-- sorry if that was confusing, the "실내" isn't used for real rock! Just the "암장" (or "암벽등반" for that matter!). . . of course, these days among climbers it's as likely to be a 스포즈 클라이밍센터:D

05-10-2008, 08:01 PM
Here is a list of useful words etc for restaurant dining and so on. Some great stuff on the main home-page from this site too:


08-18-2008, 01:41 PM
Hi! Can you help me? I want to buy a pair of rock climbing shoes.
안녕하세요! 실례합니다, 좀도음수세요? 암벽화 살고싶어요.
An-nyeong ha-se-yo. Shil-ye-ham-nee-da, jom-dor-eum ju-seyo? Ahm-byeok-hwa sal-go-ship-o-yo.

I'm a beginner climber. I want an all-round pair of rock-shoes please.
나는 초보암벽등반자예요, 올라운드 암벽화 원해요.
Nar-neun cho-bor ahm-byeok-deung-ban-ja ye-yo. Allround ahm-byeok-hwa won-hae-yo.

My regular shoe-size is 260mm. (usually rock-shoes will be 1-2 sizes smaller)
나의 보통구두크기 260mm 입니다.
Nar-wee bor-tong gu-du-keugi 260mm im-nee-da.

This pair is (a bit) too small.
이 암벽화는 (조금)작군요.
Ee ahm-byeok-hwa (jor-keum) jak-gun-yo.

This pair is (a bit) too big.
이 암벽화는 (조금)커군요.
Ee ahm-byeok-hwa (jor-keum) ko-gun-yo

Great! This pair fits well.
좋아요! 이 암벽화 잘맞는군요.
Jor-ha-yo! Ee ahm-byeok-hwa jal-mat-neun-gun-yo!

Do you have any other models/ brands like this?
이 암벽화 다른모델 비슷다, 있어요?
Ee am-byok-hwa da-reun model biseut-da iss-o-yo?

Thanks so much!
정말 감사합니다!
Jeong-mal Kam-sa-ham-nee-da

How much is it (are they)? Please sell them cheaply to me! (smile here)
올마예요? 좀 싸게주세요!
Ol-mar-ye-yo? Jom ssar-ge-ju-se-yo

Also, I want a chalkbag and chalk. I just want a cheap chalk bag.
도, 초크백와 초크 살거싶어요. 그냥 싼는초크백 원해요.
Doh, chalk-bag wa chalk sal-go-ship-o-yo. G'nyang ssan-neun chalk-bag won-hae-yo

OK thanks again, hope you sell a lot today! Bye!
한번도, 감샇ㅂ니다. 많이파세요. 안냥히계세요!
Han-beon-doh, kam-sa-ham-nee-da. Mahn-hee par-say-yo! An-nyeong-hee-kye-se-yo!

10-22-2008, 08:47 PM
General Korean chat for shopping etc:

I want a (some) X = Na-neun X won-hae-yo
X=beer (maek-ju), toilet paper (hwa-jang-ji), milk (oo-yu), help (dor-wa)

Is there any (Do you have any) X? = X iss-se-yo?
X= california roll (kim-bap), whisky (yang-ju), toothpaste (chi-yahk)

There is X (I have X) = X iss-se-yo.
X=aspirin (aspirin), English newspaper (yeong-o shin-moon), ramen (ra-myeon), English map (yeong-o ji-doh), pens (ball-pen), rice-vodka (so-ju)

There is no X (I have no X) = X ob-seo-yo
X=apples (sar-gwa), friends (chin-gu), family (kar-jok), brothers (hyeong-je), money (don), wine (por-toe-ju), pencils (yeon-pil)

I want to go to X (an X) = X ka-go-ship-o-yo
X=a park (gong-won), hospital (byeong-won), Subway station (ji-ha yok), karyoke room (nor-ray-bang), trad market (shee-jang)

Do you like X? = X jor-ah-hae-yo?
X=spicy food (mae-un-shik), squid (or-jing-o), singing (nor-ray), Korea (Han-guk), Korean food (Han-shik), nightclubs (night-uh), hiking (deung-san), going to movies (yeong-hwa-bor-neun)

I like X = Na-neun, X Jo-a-hae-yo
X=rock music (rok eum-ak), Korean bbq (bulgogi), fish (saeng-seon), sushi (su-shee), pretty girls (yep-beun yo jar), beautiful girls (ah-rem-da-un yo-jar), home-brewing (jip-e, maek-ju man-deul-ki), you (dang-shin)

Hello! = An-nyeong-ha-se-yo

감사합니다 (감삼니다)
Thanks! = Kahm-sa-ham-ni-da (kahm-sahm-ni-da)

You're welcome = Cheon-man-hae-yo

No problem = Mun-je ob-se-yo

Goodbye (you leaving) = An-nyeong-hee-kye-se-yo (stay well)

Goodbye (another person leaving) = An-nyeong-hee-kar-se-yo (go well)

Good (cool/ sweet/ OK/ etc) = Jor-ha-yo!

Well-done (good job etc) = Su-gor-hess-o-yo!

맛있다!/ 맛있세요!
Delicious! = Ma-shee-da!/ Ma-shee-say-yo!

네/ 얘
Yes = Ne/ Yeah

I am (I feel) X = Na-neun X.
X=happy (haeng-bok-hae-yo), sick (ah-po-yo), angry (hwa-nang-hae-yo), lonely (way-ro-hae-yo),OK (kwayn-chan-ha-yo), burnt-out (him-de-ray-yo), embarrassed (chahng-pee-hae-yo), crazy (mi-chin-hae-yo)

I'm not X = Na-neun X ahn-hee-hae-yo (note the ahn here makes it "not")
not X = not happy (haeng-bok-ahn-hae-yo), not tired pee-gon-ahn-hae-yo, not drunk (sul-chwee-ahn-hae-yo), not bad (nap-beun-ahn-hae-yo).

You can make this last one into a question too (like "Are you happy/ tired/ OK ? etc), just by starting with "you" (dang-shin) then the X words.

당신 괜찮아요?
Are you OK? = Dang-shin, kwayn-chan-ha-yo?

나는 괜찮아요.
I'm OK. Na-nen, kwayn-chan-ha-yo

당신 피곤해요?
Are you tired? = Dang-shin, pee-gon-hae-yo?

네, 피곤해요.
Yes, I'm tired. = Ne, pee-gon-hae-yo.

안이요, 피곤안해요.
No I'm not tired. = Ah-ni-yo, pee-gon-ahn-hae-yo.

Actually Koreans usually don't use the words for "me/ you" (na-neun/ dang-shin) etc, they just assume you know who they mean, or use names.

배고파요?Are you hungry? = (dang-shin) bae-gor-pa-yo?

Are you American? =(dang-shin/ Scott) Mee-guk sa-ram ye-yo?

배고파, 안해요.No, I'm not hungry = ah-nee-ye-yo. Bae-gor-pa, ahn-hae-yo.

네, 미국사람예요.
Yeah I'm an American. = Ne, mee-guk sa-ram ye-yo.